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Animal Poisonings In Cyprus
Petition Created On: 12 Sep, 2013
Petition Created By: Jim Cross
I hope those who live on Cyprus will sign this petition, poisonings on Cyprus have always gone unabated and the local authorities do nothing to stop the dreadful deadly act were animals die it utter agony, not a quick death but long and very painful one, please sign this petition and let the world see just what is going on here on Cyprus and why many ex-pats now avoid moving out to this wonderful island. Thank you for taking the time.. Jim www.cyprusliving.org

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Name Email Comments
Kirsty [Hidden email address] Its barbaric, shocking esp in an eu member country.
Betty Revill [Hidden email address]
Richard Holmes [Hidden email address] Justice will be served I hope
Kim Aherne [Hidden email address] Disgusting stop it now
Brian [Hidden email address] Weak government and poor policing
max [Hidden email address]
mark and liz cumberlidge [Hidden email address]
Kirsty Marie [Hidden email address] Sick idiots a small child will die soon
R Williams [Hidden email address] Would they like a family member poisoned ?
Corinna Brardt [Hidden email address]
Kylie McCulloch [Hidden email address] this has to stop !
Bill Blyth [Hidden email address] About time some action was taken to stop this practice
Hilda Walters [Hidden email address] needless cruelty must be stopped
Nikki Marlow [Hidden email address] This has to STOP!
Christine Flageul [Hidden email address] Please stop this cruelty
Alex Walker [Hidden email address] Unfortunately the Cypriots have very little respect for animals period
Carol Collins [Hidden email address] Stop the cruelty
Andrea Anders [Hidden email address] hope it helps
Jane Smith [Hidden email address] Cyprus should be very ashamed.
Donna James [Hidden email address] One of my dogs has been poisoned 3 times & the last time he had a muzz
Roger Brooke [Hidden email address] absolutely terrible
tina [Hidden email address] disgusting, should have been dealt with before now
Billy Parkinson [Hidden email address] Hope they are caught and delt with.
Linda Hesketh [Hidden email address] This cruelty as to be stopped
Alan Stephens [Hidden email address]
Sandy Stephens [Hidden email address]
Phil Gregson [Hidden email address] stop this barbarism now
Helen [Hidden email address] Act now
Eike Martin [Hidden email address] Stop it!!!!
Angel [Hidden email address]
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