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Animal Poisonings In Cyprus
Petition Created On: 12 Sep, 2013
Petition Created By: Jim Cross
I hope those who live on Cyprus will sign this petition, poisonings on Cyprus have always gone unabated and the local authorities do nothing to stop the dreadful deadly act were animals die it utter agony, not a quick death but long and very painful one, please sign this petition and let the world see just what is going on here on Cyprus and why many ex-pats now avoid moving out to this wonderful island. Thank you for taking the time.. Jim www.cyprusliving.org

Total Signatures: 301 Bookmark and Share   
Name Email Comments
Julie Gray [Hidden email address] the Cyprus authorities need to stamp this out once and for all
Nicky [Hidden email address] stop this horrendous practice now
Silv [Hidden email address] Act now
Silvia [Hidden email address]
Marie Kypri [Hidden email address] Such unnecessary cruelty
Rosemary Bone [Hidden email address] The authorities need to act NOW
Elizabeth [Hidden email address]
Nikki lenaghan [Hidden email address]
Leoni Pitman [Hidden email address] Something has got to be done.
Gillian Henson [Hidden email address] This is an outrageously cruel act against defenceless animals.
Granville Yeomans [Hidden email address] This cruelty reflects so badly on Cyprus.
Steve D [Hidden email address] disgusting inhumane behaviour - poison the culprits !
Jo Welsby VN [Hidden email address] You have the laws in place. Start enforcing them!
Jackie Walker [Hidden email address] STOP this evil NOW
karen [Hidden email address] this barbaric act has to be stopped Now
Val Smart [Hidden email address] this touches a raw nerve - ban this once and for all
s hendrick [Hidden email address] Civilized society has a duty to care for its weakest members
Sue Berry [Hidden email address] Stop this vile murder now!
John Bourne [Hidden email address] Time this country joined the HUMAN race!
Tom Banigan [Hidden email address] Barbaric and inhuman treatment of animals.
Dusty [Hidden email address] This cruelty must be stopped
Henry Barker [Hidden email address] This must end
B Walsh [Hidden email address] Disgusting. Action needs to be taken. I don't wish to return.
Maggie White [Hidden email address] Horrendous! Enough is enough.
Ruth Mew [Hidden email address] This has gone on too long and must be addressed now
Paula Williams-Coles [Hidden email address]
Ruth & Pete [Hidden email address] This needs to stop !!!
Maxine Capps [Hidden email address] So sad for Carolyn and Jason horn
karen & paul collins [Hidden email address] Disgusting behavior, these people are vile creatures.
Jenny & Dave [Hidden email address] This has to stop and those who continue to do this must be punished
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