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Animal Poisonings In Cyprus
Petition Created On: 12 Sep, 2013
Petition Created By: Jim Cross
I hope those who live on Cyprus will sign this petition, poisonings on Cyprus have always gone unabated and the local authorities do nothing to stop the dreadful deadly act were animals die it utter agony, not a quick death but long and very painful one, please sign this petition and let the world see just what is going on here on Cyprus and why many ex-pats now avoid moving out to this wonderful island. Thank you for taking the time.. Jim www.cyprusliving.org

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Name Email Comments
desanka sandulovic [Hidden email address]
Christeen Anderson [Hidden email address] Please help stop this cruelty.
BOYD HORE [Hidden email address] STOP THIS CRUELTY .
Salome Reis [Hidden email address]
Yvonne Fast [Hidden email address]
Jeanie Streit [Hidden email address]
Monika Koestler [Hidden email address]
Sylvie Carpentier [Hidden email address]
Ellen [Hidden email address]
Viktoria Mikhneva [Hidden email address]
Maria [Hidden email address]
Marina [Hidden email address] HEARTLESS! EVIL! CRIMINAL! All life deserves respect!
Cathy Mackey [Hidden email address] Take action against the poisoners - Now
Andy McDonald [Hidden email address] Disgusting animal welfare in Cyprus.
Yvonne Webb [Hidden email address] These vile acts have got to stop :-(
Alan Prudhoe [Hidden email address] Barbaric!!
HERBIE [Hidden email address] Cruelty to animals in Cyprus has to stop. Punish the culprits NOW
John Cook [Hidden email address] Just read today that 4 hunting dogs have been poisoned in our village.
Harry Kolodner [Hidden email address] the poisonings must be stopped.
Andy Renals [Hidden email address] Its high time we had decent rules and enforcement of animal welfare!
valerie a davenport [Hidden email address] please please pleasehelp and stop this from happening
Keith Liddell [Hidden email address] barbaric in this day and age
Janet Jones [Hidden email address] Please stop this barbaric cruelty.
I Redpath [Hidden email address] A Christian community does not do this.
Dennis White [Hidden email address] Get this STOPPED
Elaine [Hidden email address]
ann hodkin [Hidden email address] This should be stopped
Veronica Pawson [Hidden email address] Murderers!
sandra munton [Hidden email address] poisonong is indiscriminate. it might be a toddler who ingests this!
Peter and Susan [Hidden email address] The locals say its for the rats
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