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Animal Poisonings In Cyprus
Petition Created On: 12 Sep, 2013
Petition Created By: Jim Cross
I hope those who live on Cyprus will sign this petition, poisonings on Cyprus have always gone unabated and the local authorities do nothing to stop the dreadful deadly act were animals die it utter agony, not a quick death but long and very painful one, please sign this petition and let the world see just what is going on here on Cyprus and why many ex-pats now avoid moving out to this wonderful island. Thank you for taking the time.. Jim www.cyprusliving.org

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Name Email Comments
lesley [Hidden email address] vile people auth not interested
mike bone [Hidden email address] stop this cruelty
Karen and Keith [Hidden email address] Animals DO have souls - poisoners don't
Sarah [Hidden email address]
chris barker [Hidden email address]
Viola Scherer [Hidden email address] das muss auf hören,Tiere haben Seelen und Schmerzen wie wir Menschen
Tatiana Barry [Hidden email address] Act right now
Gisela Kaesberg [Hidden email address] will things ever change in this country?
Chris George [Hidden email address] Please stop the cruel practice now
Adele Michelsen [Hidden email address]
Doug Forrest [Hidden email address] barbaris to say the least
Selina Lee [Hidden email address] Really hope this helps!
Pat Forrest [Hidden email address] Matter of time before a child dies!,
Sandra Welch [Hidden email address] Anabominable practice that shouls be stopped now!
Ruth Gardner [Hidden email address] Stop this barbaric act -please Cyprus Government.
alex+sandra daly [Hidden email address] hope our signature helps.they should not get away with this
peter and eleanor fisher [Hidden email address] the government needs to take action on animal protection now
Lorraine [Hidden email address]
Wendie Dunning [Hidden email address] This has to be stopped
Alan Clark [Hidden email address] This Government must make the stand against animal poisoning.
Lorraine Cooper [Hidden email address]
Paul Cooper [Hidden email address]
Chris Rogers [Hidden email address] 21st Century. Cyprus needs to move with the times and stop such barbar
MAUREEN TOMKINSON. [Hidden email address] this diabolical practice has to be stopped...
Carly Lindop [Hidden email address] The authorities must act. Innocent lives being taken. Heartbreaking.
Brian Cater [Hidden email address]
donna burt [Hidden email address] this has to stop now
Jean Hartshorne [Hidden email address] disgusting and sickening, hpe they are caught!
Lesley Laouri [Hidden email address] 2 of our beloved dogs were murdered here and another survived 3 times
Lisa Bundy [Hidden email address] This needs to stop!
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