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Episkopi Turtlewatch - Halt the slaughter of marine turtles in the SBA
Petition Created On: 23 Sep, 2009
Petition Created By: Episkopi Turtlewatch
We the undersigned petition the British Sovereign Base Area ("SBA") to take immediate effective action to halt the illegal killing of marine turtles in SBA waters.

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Name Email Comments
danny danny@tilsons.co.uk stop
Angela Rose [Hidden email address] stop this cruel act immediately
Lynn West [Hidden email address] Why does cyprus treat all animals so very badly
Lynn [Hidden email address] this is murder!
Jane Hughes [Hidden email address] stop now
tas [Hidden email address]
Mike Long [Hidden email address] STOP NOW
markos xenarios [Hidden email address] \ ___ /
dave graham [Hidden email address] this can't really be happening in this day and age! end it NOW!
Michael Saina [Hidden email address]
Raabia Hawa [Hidden email address] im from kenya,please respect your wildlife,conserve them.it is crucial
kellie payne [Hidden email address] We need to stand up and take care of our environment -
Carole Vida [Hidden email address]
chris [Hidden email address] stop this murder, please...these are incredible animals!
isis [Hidden email address] Don't kill turtles. They don't bother anybody..
gabriella laczi [Hidden email address]
Susan Lynch [Hidden email address] Please stop the killing of innocent animals, vital to our planet
Kim V [Hidden email address]
Nadi R [Hidden email address] Cruel and unacceptable.
Ravid [Hidden email address]
Veronica animal_rights86@yahoo.com.au Till there is animal law, i am BOYCOTTING your country!
alia hawa [Hidden email address] this needs to stop now...
Laia Dotras [Hidden email address]
Siddharth [Hidden email address]
faheem sidi_faheem2003@yahoo.co.uk
corinna caplain [Hidden email address]
Corinne Favre [Hidden email address] STOP
anita [Hidden email address] this needs to be stopped today
Dorothy Scanlan [Hidden email address]
Nabi Oki [Hidden email address]
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