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Ban the sale and use of adhesive rodent traps
Petition Created On: 19 Apr, 2009
Petition Created By: Brian Ellis
We the undersigned petition the Cyprus Parliament and Government to introduce legislation to ban the sale and use of adhesive boards to trap rats and mice. These rodent traps are unspeakably cruel and cause unnecessary suffering by glueing the animals to the board. In some cases, the animals have gnawed off their own legs in an attempt, usually unsuccessful, to free themselves. It often requires three days of agony and distress before it dies of dehydration, sometimes in their own excrement and urine. As wads of fur are pulled out in their struggles, the bare skin in contact with their body fluids is badly irritated. Even though effective, these adhesive traps are unnecessary because reusable mechanical traps are also cheaper, effective and usually kill the animal instantaneously, as are quick-acting poisons. These adhesive traps are as barbaric as the banned limesticks used to trap blackcaps (ambelopoulia) and legislation to ban them would mark Cyprus amongst the leaders with respect to protection against animal cruelty.

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Name Email Comments
jim [Hidden email address] I have used these once when we had mice, never again,
Moira [Hidden email address] How can anyone inflict such cruelty?
Jillian Curley [Hidden email address] Living creatures should not suffer like this
Nicola Curley [Hidden email address] It's humane
Trevor Curley [Hidden email address] Should be made illegal
Jacqui [Hidden email address] Animal cruelty here must stop. Govt, action urgently needed
melanie allerton [Hidden email address] An unecessary piece of equipment in this day and age
Jessica [Hidden email address] Must stop!
Savvas [Hidden email address] Cruel ways are never the way
Linneth Santos [Hidden email address] Please stop this kind of animal abuse
Anita [Hidden email address] Disgusting
Andreas Briner [Hidden email address] Good Luck!
Sue Worwood [Hidden email address] This is should be banned as no animal should suffer this way
George Georgiou [Hidden email address] Hate rats and mice, but the adhesive traps are inhumane and evil.
Lyn Sabbagh [Hidden email address]
Bev Chrysanthou [Hidden email address]
Dennis [Hidden email address] Cant believe they are using traps like this , please ban them.
Veronica [Hidden email address] I have never heard anything so horrific, ban them now.
Judy [Hidden email address] Cruel and inhumane
Rachael [Hidden email address]
Linn [Hidden email address] should be made illegal
John Chamberlain [Hidden email address] Downright cruel
Ken of Kiti [Hidden email address] These traps are despicably cruel to the animals they catch. All forms
Louise [Hidden email address] Good initiative. I fully agree with the above.
Melanie Wilson [Hidden email address] Hate the creatures but this is barbaric.
keith [Hidden email address] these are something out of the dark ages - time to be banned
Carolyn Clowes [Hidden email address] Absolutely barbaric is the only description.
gillian henson [Hidden email address] Despicable way to kill any living creature.
Sian Gibson sianig@hotmail.com
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