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The Civil Registry and Migration Department ignores the decision of the European Court of Justice.
Petition Created On: 29 Dec, 2008
Petition Created By: EU Community
We the undersigned the petition the Cyprus Government to oblige the soonest possible the Director of the Migration Department, Mrs. Annie Shakalli, to follow the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Today she insists on issuing residence permits of different validity to non-EU Citizens who are spouses of Union citizens residing in Cyprus, depending on whether the marriage took place in Cyprus, (in which case the validity is 1 year or less), or, in another country, (in which case the validity is 5 years). Relevant to the above is a recent, dated July 25th 2008, Judgment of the ECJ in the case C-127-08. With regard to a question that concerned the interpretation of article 3(1) of Directive 2004/38, the ECJ ruled the following: “Article 3(1) of Directive 2004/38 must be interpreted as meaning that a national of a non-member country who is the spouse of a Union citizen residing in a Member State whose nationality he does not possess and who accompanies or joins that Union citizen benefits from the provisions of that directive, respective of when and where their marriage took place and of how the national of a non-member country entered the host Member State.”

We kindly ask you to protect our rights by exerting your influence on the CRMD and using all your power and authority, to oblige the Director of the Migration Department to change the soonest possible its practice towards non-EU Citizens who are family members of Union citizens residing in Cyprus

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Name Email Comments
J. Ladenko [Hidden email address]
Kristina [Hidden email address]
Clive Fletcher [Hidden email address] Only trying to get Cyprus to play by the rules
Dvid R Lowe [Hidden email address]
Mr W.G.McMahon [Hidden email address]
Mr Chris Halogen [Hidden email address]
Sergios [Hidden email address] mono se poutanes dinoun to pink-slip
Vladimir [Hidden email address] Inforcing law in Cyprus
Andreas Zambas [Hidden email address]
jolanta [Hidden email address]
Vasiliki [Hidden email address]
sunny [Hidden email address] Annie Shakalli enai poutana
zeeshy [Hidden email address] migration kypro dulfki mono kyprio poutanas kai pazvingis
Anna [Hidden email address] cyprus immigration needs to be revamped. Afterall, they're in the EU.
Linda Leblanc [Hidden email address]
Francesca [Hidden email address] How many of us have to suffer because of these irrational decisions?
Michael Strand [Hidden email address] Cyprus you are in the EU, say play by their rules
william garrett [Hidden email address] justice
mosleh uddin [Hidden email address] cyprus immigration is very rude
Alee [Hidden email address] God gave Cypriot a small part of Eart, because they were RACIST.
Gavin Jones [Hidden email address] Cyprus cherry-picking EU laws only when it suits must cease.


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