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Waste Management To Energy
Petition Created On: 17 Dec, 2008
Petition Created By: Brian Ellis
We the undersigned petition the Cyprus Government and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus to implement the introduction of Waste-to-Energy plants.

Cyprus produces over 590,000 tonnes per year of household garbage. This is landfilled, where it produces greenhouse gases, nauseous odours and lets vermin proliferate.

If this were incinerated, the heat produced could be used to provide about 9% of the nations electricity consumption.

A bag with 10 kg of garbage has the same energy in it as 3 litres of fuel oil. This incineration can be done with quasi-zero pollution.

Advantages: Much reduced greenhouse gas emissions, Virtually no pollution, Recovery of precious and semi-precious metals, Landfill volume reduced to ~10 per cent, No landfill pests or emissions, Can recycle paper/plastics into energy where direct recycling is impractical, Energy available as electricity and heat, Energy efficiency typically about 50 per cent, Flexible, according to the type of available waste, Can be adapted for large cities with economy of scale, Very cost-effective.

Disadvantages: Relatively high capital cost, Requires waste to be partially pre-sorted for recycling, Less suitable for sparsely populated rural areas.

Such plant already exists in a number of countries but is urgently needed to solve illegal landfill problems and reduce oil dependence.

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Name Email Comments
P Panayides [Hidden email address] A high time to sort out this rubbish.
S Dawson-Beck [Hidden email address]
J Lee [Hidden email address]
John Barnacott [Hidden email address] Increase production of energy from renwables as well
K. Perry [Hidden email address] rubbish all over the landscape doesnt encourage tourism - burn it!!
Leoni Pitman [Hidden email address]
Andreas Skettos [Hidden email address]
c.v.domburg [Hidden email address] stop waisting!!
R Notton [Hidden email address] The sooner the better.
Bert van Rooij [Hidden email address]
Carol Ellis [Hidden email address]
Geoffrey Gedge [Hidden email address]
Michael Kidman [Hidden email address] Burn it and save the Islandof Cyprus
Ron Sewell [Hidden email address] It will save money in the long term and reduce fossil fuel consumption
Paul Mooney [Hidden email address] Fines from the EU over this soon?
dorothy johnston dannej@cytanet.com.cy Save the island who wants to live in atip
ian mclean [Hidden email address] do something
Philip Gross [Hidden email address] A full recycling policy should be adopted
Brian Reynolds [Hidden email address]
John Stevenson [Hidden email address]
Peter G Davis [Hidden email address] how long before the EU fines us?
K Unsworth [Hidden email address]
Vartan [Hidden email address] A full recycling policy should be adopted
A.E.Vickery [Hidden email address] Effective recycling is very much needed
Clive Fletcher [Hidden email address] Don't waste time in introducing this
Catherine Vickery [Hidden email address] This must be a priority, alongside investment in photo-voltaic energy.
pat jones [Hidden email address]
Trish Robins [Hidden email address]
Mr W.G. McMahon [Hidden email address]
Vanetta James [Hidden email address]
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