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Protect Property Ownership Rights & Underwrite Financial Risks
Petition Created On: 16 Dec, 2008
Petition Created By: Nigel Howarth
With reference to Article 23 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, we the undersigned petition the Government of Cyprus:

To fully underwrite the financial risks and protect the ownership rights of all those who have bought immovable property in the Government controlled areas of the Republic against whose Title extant encumbrances and/or prohibitions were lodged at the Department of Lands & Surveys prior to the deposit of a contract of sale for that immovable property.

To enact retrospective legislation that where only a part of an immovable property is sold (such as a building site or field under division or flat, office or shop under construction) that any encumbrances and/or prohibitions lodged at the Department of Lands & Surveys after the deposit of a contract of sale for the parts so sold shall only be attached to the unsold parts of the immovable property.

To enact legislation disallowing the deposit of a contract of sale for immovable property at the Department of Lands & Surveys if any encumbrances and/or prohibitions are registered against the title of the property being sold.

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Name Email Comments
P Panayides [Hidden email address] About time too!
Paul Mooney [Hidden email address]
angela kelly [Hidden email address] just justce please
alan philip parker [Hidden email address]
Jackie Stephens [Hidden email address] Surely somebody must listen now?
Jim Stephens [Hidden email address]
Christopher Jacob [Hidden email address]
Chrysi Jacob [Hidden email address]
Paul May [Hidden email address]
S. Dawson-Beck [Hidden email address]
J Lee [Hidden email address]
Bill Kane [Hidden email address]
Lynn West [Hidden email address]
Chris Mooney [Hidden email address] The present system is archaic and desperately needs updating.
Paul Irving [Hidden email address]
Brian Ellis [Hidden email address]
Margaret Ellis [Hidden email address]
J. Durkin [Hidden email address] Time to act
Clive Gurman [Hidden email address]
Clive Fletcher [Hidden email address] Join us in the 21st century and restore justice to this island
Roy Stewart [Hidden email address]
John Mason [Hidden email address] Let us hope that the CY Gov action is not just a Planning Amnesty
Terry Saunders [Hidden email address]
Chris Brown [Hidden email address]
valerie ward [Hidden email address]
David Nelson [Hidden email address]
Howard Borrell [Hidden email address] Even the Cypriots now recognise the problem
Constance Dial [Hidden email address]
C. Kennedy [Hidden email address] It's about time for Cyprus to catch up with the rest of the E.U.
Janice Hall [Hidden email address] Honest people deserve justice.
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