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Put an end to the death of young people due to drunk driving/speeding
Petition Created On: 28 Sep, 2017
Petition Created By: Leyana Daccache
Whether we like it or not, drunk driving has always been around and always will be. This could be due to lack of education, lack of options or just pure recklessness however it is time to make a change. It has taken too many lives of too many young people. I cannot think of anything worse than parents having to bury their own children (and I am not even a mother yet). Please help us with this petition to try and reduce the taxi fare at night so people will be more willing to use them rather than drive home. I know that taxi drives will disagree and think it will have a negative affect on them however if they are cheaper, they will be used much more! We are open to any more suggestions of course but to begin with, we plan to raise awareness of how terrible the situation has been this year with a very high number of deaths for such a small island.

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Name Email Comments
Theodora Petasi [Hidden email address]
Yiangos [Hidden email address] Keep Safe People
Tony Estephaene [Hidden email address] supporting you , please if you need help contact me .
Thekla Minaidis [Hidden email address]
Xeni Arsalides [Hidden email address] Better lose a few bucks than your life.
Nick Ganker [Hidden email address]
Evdokia [Hidden email address]
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