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Cyprus Postal Service
Petition Created On: 26 Oct, 2013
Petition Created By: Mike Strand
We the undersigned are unhappy with the service provided by the Post Office in Cyprus. A report recently stated that Cyprus does not rank very high in Europe in terms of on-line shopping. Experience from Ebay & Amazon is that many sellers "do not post to Cyprus". The reason is clear; because they get too many complaints of non-delivery! We therefore urge the Cyprus government to undertake a drastic overhaul of postal services in Cyprus to improve reliability.

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Name Email Comments
Peter Knoedel [Hidden email address] Our last parcel tokk exactly 4 weeks from Frankfurt Airport to Paphos
Peter and Jeff [Hidden email address] Post to UK is good into Cyprus terrible. Very long delays.
Jane Hyland janecyprus@live.com Poor service
Barbara Tann [Hidden email address] Very poor Incoming service
Anthony Williams [Hidden email address] Terrible service - registered post is a joke!!
Paul Harrison [Hidden email address] System is too slow
Louise Zambartas [Hidden email address] Registered post to Cyprus takes 3-4 weeks, dreadful
mike driscoll [Hidden email address] they dont care
stephanie driscoll [Hidden email address] wprst service ever and rude
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