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Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaca - Extended opening for 5 daily prayers
Petition Created On: 06 Mar, 2013
Petition Created By: Diane Akbar
We the undersigned are showing our support for the religious freedom of worship for Muslims in the Republic of Cyprus. The Hala Sultan (Umm Haram) Tekke standing next to the salt lake just south of Larnaca is one of the first sights you see heading out of the airport. According to legend, Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) paternal aunt, accompanying her husband on an Arab raid on Cyprus in 649, was attacked by Byzantine forces here, fell from her mule, broke her neck and was buried on the spot. A shrine was later built by Sheikh Hassan in A.D 1760 at the same place. The mosque was constructed in its present form around A.D 1816/17 and is the fourth most important holy site in the world for Muslims. This petition has been started to show just how much local and international interest and support there is for our effort to persuade to the Government of Cyprus Antiquities Department, to extend the opening times of the beautifully restored building further in order to include the 5 daily prayer times for those Muslims wishing to attend at this site. Thank you for helping us in the journey to return this beautiful building to its original purpose!

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Name Email Comments
irfan [Hidden email address]
Zeynep Uygur-Yilmaz [Hidden email address]
Sultan Yilmaz [Hidden email address]
djamila [Hidden email address]
Maksum Agus [Hidden email address] May Allah give His support
Rejia Kabir [Hidden email address] Please allow the extended opening times for prayers to be conducted
tolga aksu [Hidden email address] religion is universal.there shouldn't be any restrictions
syed rehan ali [Hidden email address] pakistan
Shahed iqbal [Hidden email address]
Zarina Q [Hidden email address]
Maryam K [Hidden email address]
fareena [Hidden email address] Allah Hu Akber
Mr I M Colliver [Hidden email address] confirm result please, thanks
Haluk Arpacioglu [Hidden email address]
Arfan Nazir [Hidden email address] InshAllah
Khadija Nawaz [Hidden email address] Allowing the 5 prayed will only bring the country more blessings
Zille' Ali [Hidden email address]
Majid Bashir [Hidden email address] The doors of allah swa mercy are always Open to anyone who believes
rukiya [Hidden email address]
zainab [Hidden email address] Inshallah Allah will make it easy for us
fathima [Hidden email address] Please allow the 5 prayers
Mazhar khan [Hidden email address] Please open this holly place for worship all day every day
Saima [Hidden email address]
QAMAR KHAN [Hidden email address] I agree for longer opening hours for the five time prayers.
Muhammad farhan [Hidden email address] Please allow
Abdallah [Hidden email address] prayer is happiness and peacefulness
salma [Hidden email address] Whatever is destined,Allah will give inshaAllah
Rizwan Razak [Hidden email address] By Barakah of Mawlana
Abdurrauf Kurniadi [Hidden email address] Please open the gate of Hala Sultan as wide as possible
mujahed [Hidden email address]
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