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Stop The Alpha Bank's Application To Auction
Petition Created On: 05 Dec, 2011
Petition Created By: PICAS GROUP
We the undersigned demand that the Ministry of the Interior and the Land Registry in Cyprus act decisively and intervene by rejecting any and all the applications made by the Alpha Bank to auction eight plots of land that were mortgaged to property developer Yiannis Liasides against which contracts of sale to purchase immovable property have been lodged.

Many people who bought from this developer in particular and in Cyprus in general did so with the utmost good faith. They were reassured by the Ministry of the Interior that once a contract of sale is lodged with the Land Registry for Specific Performance then the buyer is protected.

In his statement of the 22nd July 2009, Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis wrote "Nobody and no Authority anywhere can ever challenge the property rights or the ownership status of buyers of immovable property within the territory which is under the control of the ROC." And that "the property market in Cyprus is stable and secure, and property buyers must be absolutely certain that their investments are safe here; indeed, property investment is much safer in Cyprus than anywhere else".

We ask that a clear and unequivocal message is sent to the banks in Cyprus that buyers must not pay the price for the failure of developers, negligence of Advocates, lax oversight by the banks and the inability of successive governments to legislate against this.

Failure to send such a message will result in a complete breakdown of trust and confidence in both the Cyprus property market and also in the assurances made by the Minister of the Interior on behalf of the Cyprus Government.

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Name Email Comments
Adam Lomas [Hidden email address]
Debra lemmins [Hidden email address]
Fred Yusuf [Hidden email address] Absolute disgrace that this should be happening in an EU Country.
john baker [Hidden email address] legalised theft
M Oliver [Hidden email address] Should not be allowed to do this.
Roseanne Sherman [Hidden email address] Innocent property owners should not suffer at the hands of corrupt dev
Roger Norcliffe [Hidden email address]
keith Perry [Hidden email address] this is a dispute between the banks and developers NOT the purchasers.
Anita Claydon [Hidden email address] The Banks should be held responsable for this, it should never have be
Barrie Mapes [Hidden email address] The Cypriot Legal system and Government need to held accountable
Jon Frazer [Hidden email address] Unprintable!
tony cassidy [Hidden email address] The banks goy themselves into this mess, so let them pay the penalty
Keith Ingram [Hidden email address] Punishing the victims of others greed is not fair
Colin McMullan [Hidden email address] Go on Alphabank, do your bit for investment, drive more people away
Marianne Callaghan [Hidden email address] Unfair
Jacqui Marshall [Hidden email address] Cyprus should yet again hang its head in shame and this disgraceful co
David Rhodes [Hidden email address]
Ken Kennedy [Hidden email address]
Derek Craven [Hidden email address] Be honest
Marie Kennedy [Hidden email address]
Kathrin Herzog [Hidden email address]
Jim McAloon [Hidden email address]
Morag Brownlie [Hidden email address]
Kathy leonard [Hidden email address] Buyers should not pay the price for the failure of developers!
Julie kemp [Hidden email address]
Marion Chappell [Hidden email address] Scandalous.
Nick Hills [Hidden email address] The Cyprus property market & banks are drinking in last chance saloon
H. Vora [Hidden email address] Cyprus getting such a bad reputation thanks to the Banks & Developers
Anne Randle [Hidden email address] buyers deserve the legal protection thet were promised
Roger Brooke [Hidden email address] How many of us have been hit by the corruption that persists?
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