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Please Help Snake George Save The Cyprus Grass Snake from Extinction
Petition Created On: 27 Oct, 2010
Petition Created By: John Mason
We the undersigned request the EU and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to take immediate action to conserve the Cyprus Grass Snake at locations in Xyliatos and Paralimni Lake and to take the necessary action to ensure conservation of this species in certain other locations in The Republic of Cyprus . We further request that the EU and the Cyprus Government provide urgently all the resources necessary (land, grants, services etc.,) for Hans-Jorg Wiedl (Snake George) to establish a captive breeding programme for the Cyprus Grass Snake in, Pafos, Cyprus.

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Name Email Comments
MARIA DEL MAR COMAS [Hidden email address] Cyprus Grass Snake is the most beautiful Natrix,that need help
vasilis stavrakis [Hidden email address] elpizw na sothoune ta kahmena krima einai...
Stratos [Hidden email address]
kostantinos [Hidden email address] help everyone!!!
Ramon [Hidden email address]
Bobby Bok [Hidden email address]
George Papatheocharis [Hidden email address]
Jeroen Speybroeck [Hidden email address]
christos [Hidden email address]
dennis kiriakakis [Hidden email address] save the planet!
Marios Vrgetopoulos [Hidden email address]
Juergen Peter Zerbe [Hidden email address]
Mimis [Hidden email address] Help guys!
Νίκος Μισαηλίδης [Hidden email address]
Kevin Byrnes [Hidden email address]
costas [Hidden email address] ate na dumeeeeee!!!!
Γιωργος Σβαρνας [Hidden email address]
Konstantinos Giannopoulos giannopouloskonstantinos@yahoo.com Its sad to see another species populations linger. Lets fix that!!!!
David Buttle [Hidden email address] Action Now before it is too late! - once they are gone.
Sebastian Holzki [Hidden email address]
markos xenarios [Hidden email address] i hope it helps
Νικος Παναγιωτόπουλος [Hidden email address] Ε.Π.Π. ΚΑΣΤΟΡΙΑΣ - www.eppkas.gr
Stephanie Kern [Hidden email address]
Stefan Dummermuth [Hidden email address] Hopefully the same will happen for the Milos grass snake, too!
Aaron Lutziger [Hidden email address]
Dani Boix i Masafret [Hidden email address] Each country has the responsibility to preserve each biodiversity
ARMANDO PRADAS DEL RIO [Hidden email address]
spiros [Hidden email address]
ALBERT MASANA [Hidden email address] go ahead
Frank Sudendey [Hidden email address]
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