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Please Help Snake George Save The Cyprus Grass Snake from Extinction
Petition Created On: 27 Oct, 2010
Petition Created By: John Mason
We the undersigned request the EU and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to take immediate action to conserve the Cyprus Grass Snake at locations in Xyliatos and Paralimni Lake and to take the necessary action to ensure conservation of this species in certain other locations in The Republic of Cyprus . We further request that the EU and the Cyprus Government provide urgently all the resources necessary (land, grants, services etc.,) for Hans-Jorg Wiedl (Snake George) to establish a captive breeding programme for the Cyprus Grass Snake in, Pafos, Cyprus.

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Name Email Comments
mike kirkup [Hidden email address] we cannot allow extinction
Konstantinidis Konstantinos I. [Hidden email address] I agree to rescue the genus via this research
Jürgen Gebhart [Hidden email address]
Mario Schweiger office@vipersgarden.at Hans-Jörg! Hope this petition will be successfull and good luck f
giorgos [Hidden email address]
Vassilis [Hidden email address] Act !!!
maria psarianou [Hidden email address]
Anastasis [Hidden email address]
Felix Pokrant [Hidden email address]
aris statopoulos [Hidden email address]
Kostas Paraschos [Hidden email address]
Aias Marinakis [Hidden email address]
Sascha Schmidt [Hidden email address]
Aristarchos Politis [Hidden email address]
Natalie Cutting [Hidden email address]
TYMBWRYXOS [Hidden email address] save that snake please...
mirmidonass [Hidden email address]
Aris Psycho [Hidden email address] Dont let another species vanish :(
Andreas Müller [Hidden email address] Safe aour envirnonment - you`ll miss it if it`s away !
Peter Mueller [Hidden email address] Make love not dead snakes
Michael Kroniger [Hidden email address]
Daniel Escoriza [Hidden email address] more valuable than saving ancient ruins
Andreas Lesch [Hidden email address]
Chris [Hidden email address]
Fèlix amat [Hidden email address] long live to snakes
Csaba Gulyás-Kis [Hidden email address] Need to establish more water covered areas for the species!
Nil Torres [Hidden email address]
Ludmilla Hann [Hidden email address]
Evi [Hidden email address]
Filippos [Hidden email address] no more vanishing species
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