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Please Help Snake George Save The Cyprus Grass Snake from Extinction
Petition Created On: 27 Oct, 2010
Petition Created By: John Mason
We the undersigned request the EU and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to take immediate action to conserve the Cyprus Grass Snake at locations in Xyliatos and Paralimni Lake and to take the necessary action to ensure conservation of this species in certain other locations in The Republic of Cyprus . We further request that the EU and the Cyprus Government provide urgently all the resources necessary (land, grants, services etc.,) for Hans-Jorg Wiedl (Snake George) to establish a captive breeding programme for the Cyprus Grass Snake in, Pafos, Cyprus.

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Name Email Comments
Fionn Huggard [Hidden email address]
Doshka Kuncheva [Hidden email address]
Shirley Morgan [Hidden email address] Thebalance of nature is paramount
Ron Wilson [Hidden email address] Cyprus is the island of love so let's love the snakes.
Rosemarie Delaney [Hidden email address]
Allan [Hidden email address]
Christopher Jacob [Hidden email address]
Chrysi Jacob [Hidden email address]
Hector [Hidden email address]
rionagh walker [Hidden email address] take action to conserve Cypriot biodiversity
Heaton Craig [Hidden email address] Put bread & milk out for your 'Blackie' - your hedgehog will appreci
Peter Follows [Hidden email address] Support George ... it\'s right!
Neil Inkley [Hidden email address] immediate action has to be taken by EU and Cyprus government now..
Mal Hylands [Hidden email address] help save all animals sign the petition
Ioanna Ioannidou [Hidden email address]
Mike Offley [Hidden email address] Pafos, Government and EU help for Hans-Jorg Wiedl is long overdue.
Thomas Krause [Hidden email address] Es muss viel Menschen wie Snake Gorge geben um diese faszinierenden Ti
Alan Streeter [Hidden email address]
adrian smith [Hidden email address]
Nicholas Symons [Hidden email address] This unique species is in grave danger of extinction. Please act now!
tas [Hidden email address]
Lyndon Taylor [Hidden email address]
Tim Greenwood [Hidden email address]
Michalis Michael [Hidden email address] It's time to pay back nature for all the resources we humans abuse.
linda love [Hidden email address] Snake George deserves our support & we need to preserve all species
Marina Vasilara [Hidden email address]
Anna Leonidou [Hidden email address]
Costas Kleanthous [Hidden email address] Please act quickly
Kerstin Wittig [Hidden email address]
Veronika Sudi [Hidden email address]
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