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Please Help Snake George Save The Cyprus Grass Snake from Extinction
Petition Created On: 27 Oct, 2010
Petition Created By: John Mason
We the undersigned request the EU and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to take immediate action to conserve the Cyprus Grass Snake at locations in Xyliatos and Paralimni Lake and to take the necessary action to ensure conservation of this species in certain other locations in The Republic of Cyprus . We further request that the EU and the Cyprus Government provide urgently all the resources necessary (land, grants, services etc.,) for Hans-Jorg Wiedl (Snake George) to establish a captive breeding programme for the Cyprus Grass Snake in, Pafos, Cyprus.

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Name Email Comments
Dietmar Ludwig [Hidden email address]
Volker Kugel [Hidden email address] Nature means Life
Johannes Dill [Hidden email address] Good luck!
Marcel Seyring [Hidden email address]
ulla hansen [Hidden email address] good luck to this action
Stefan Rehfeldt [Hidden email address] Protect the grass snake!
Tanja Schnelle [Hidden email address]
Romy Töpfer [Hidden email address]
Angelika Scheidt [Hidden email address]
Carsten Jeschull [Hidden email address]
Claudia Praschk [Hidden email address]
Carlo Fuchs [Hidden email address] Protecting snakes preserves the balance of nature
Volker Moritz [Hidden email address] Do not extinct this nice species
Daniel Käsewieter [Hidden email address]
Andreas Kronshage [Hidden email address]
M Klerks [Hidden email address] protect!!
Karl Roth [Hidden email address] the respect for any creature is a religious dogma
Flavio [Hidden email address] Please inform me if the petition could recover that wonderful snake...
Klaus Henle [Hidden email address] Urgent action is required. Keep Cyprus natural heritage protected for
Mark [Hidden email address] excellent approach to create awareness to change human behaviour
Richard Struijk [Hidden email address]
Sharon Waugh [Hidden email address]
Nikolai Babiniuk [Hidden email address] Essential for Cypriot biodiversity
Gerard Smit [Hidden email address]
Ashwin van der Aa [Hidden email address] keep up the good work!
Guido Weber [Hidden email address]
David Mather [Hidden email address] You'll miss him when he's gone
Johan H [Hidden email address] Protect now, before it's too late!!
Dylan Hicks [Hidden email address]
Maarten Gilbert [Hidden email address]
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