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Guide To Creating A Petition

To create a free petition here at CyprusPetitions.com you may wish to first read our FAQ / T&C's and also look at some previous petitions to see how they have been worded.

  STEP 1 - Registration

Register for a free account - you will be required to fill in a short form. Please ensure that the details that you enter are accurate - especially your email address. Once you have completed the form a validation email will be sent to the email address that you enter. If you think you have not received this email then please check your Spam/Bulk mail folders to ensure that the validation email has not been incorrectly filtered. Click the link contained within the email to validate your email address. Once you have completed this step you will be able to login and proceed to the next step.

  STEP 2 - Create Petition

Log in to your Members Control Panel where you can create/edit/list your petitions.

Click the 'Create New Petition' link from the left hand menu.

Please take your time and think carefully about the title and wording of your petition prior to submitting it for review by admin.

We recommend that you consider creating the wording in a word processor so that you can use the spell checking facility (you can then copy and paste into the form). Petitions which are poorly worded or contain errors may not achieve the results that you want.

Please note that once the petition has been reviewed you will not be able to edit it further so it is imperative that you get it right first time.

Petition Title - This should be a short description of the subject that will likely attract people to read your petition.

Petition Subject - This is the main area for you to write the wording of your petition in. It is best to keep the petition clear and concise ensuring that it directly addresses the issue at hand. Petitions which are long winded or unclear as to their ultimate purpose may not attract the number of signatures that you require. Consider if you were reading the petition - would you want to wade through lots of information and still be unsure of its purpose at the end? In today's fast paced world people simply don't have time to be reading through lots of text or trying to work out what the authors intentions are. A well written petition, without errors will attract support and may make the reader feel inclined to sign it - which after all is your ultimate goal.

Remember that your petition will have two audiences - those who may wish to sign it and the target of your petition i.e. Government body, Council, Organisation etc.

Once you have completed the Create Petition form, checked and double checked it then press Submit New Petition. Your petition will then be added to a queue to be reviewed before appearing live on the site. You will receive an email once this process is complete - usually within 48 hours. Within the email you will also be given a direct link to your petition which will enable you to start promoting it as heavily as possible.

  STEP 3 - Promote Your Petition

To get people to sign your petition you must start an awareness campaign. You may wish to start with family, friends or colleagues as this can get the petition kick started. Send them a simple email informing them that you have started a petition - include the link to your petition that you will receive in the email when your petition is accepted. Then you can widen the reach of your awareness campaign to maybe include clubs, forums, blogs and other online forms of communication. Please ensure that you check first whether this is acceptable or not - after all if it is removed then nobody will see your message. Please note that our terms specifically prohibit you from spamming people - i.e. sending out mass emails to people who you do not know or have not given you permission to contact them.

  STEP 4 - Delivering Your Petition

The final stage of a petition is to deliver it to the Government body, Council, Organisation etc. that is the subject of your petition. You have two options on how to complete this - either by sending an email/letter detailing the petition with a link to the online petition or by printing out a hard copy of the petition and signatures. We have made the latter option as easy as possible by including a section in your online control panel. Simply log into your account and visit the Print Petition section - fill up your printer with paper and you're ready to go! Please remember that it is the responsibility of the petition author to deliver petition and CyprusPetitions does not get involved in this stage.

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