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Frequently Asked Questions


  What is the purpose of CyprusPetitions?
To provide a free service for people to create & make their views known using the age old petition format combined with modern internet technology. To enable and promote grass roots democracy in the Republic Of Cyprus. Our free online petition software allows you to quickly create a petition, gather signatures which we host for you on our fast, secure servers.

  Can anyone start a petition?
Yes - anyone can start a petition on virtually any matter relating to Cyprus subject to some basic Terms & Conditions available here.

  What petitions do you accept?
We accept virtually any petition relating to the Republic Of Cyprus subject to our basic Terms & Conditions. However we do not accept duplicate petitions where there is already a petition with very similar content listed with us. We do not accept petitions that are intended to be humorous, jokes or other frivolous purposes. We do not accept petitions that promote violence, racism, illegal practices or appear to be offensive or use offensive language of any kind. We do not accept petitions that contain false or potentially libelous or defamatory statements. We do not accept petitions that appear to be be attacking a particular individual. We do not accept petitions that appear to be advertisements or promote any company or product. The information in a petition must be submitted in good faith and therefore for this reason we do not accept anonymous petitions.

  What language do you accept petitions in?
To ensure the widest possible readership for petitions we only accept petitions written in English.

  What happens if my petition is rejected?
If your petition is rejected you will be informed by email and will have a chance to edit or delete the petition.

  Can I edit a petition once it becomes publically viewable?
No - Please ensure that you thoroughly check your petition prior to submitting it. This includes checking for spelling mistakes & typos which is important. Once your petition is publically viewable then people will have the opportunity to sign it so obviously you will not be able to change it in any way as you could make changes that people may not have wanted to sign to.

  Once I create a petition is it displayed instantly?
No - every petition is reviewed manually to ensure that it complies with our terms & conditions. We will make every effort to review a petition within 48-72hrs of submission - though this is not gauranteed.

  How long will my petition run for?
You decide (Maximum 1 year). You can choose to stop the petition at any time.

  Can I include URL's or web links within my petition?
No - should they be included they will automatically be removed from the text.

  Will CypusPetitions promote my petition?
No - Other than having it listed on our site and making it available and optimized for search engines. The responsibility for promoting a petition lies with the author/creator of the petition.

  What information do I need to supply to be able to sign a petition?
Your name, email address & a comment (Optional)

  Can anyone sign a petition?
To sign a petition you must be over 16 years of age. We accept one signature per person per petition. To protect the petition from abuse and ensure its validity we allow a supplied email address to be used only once per petition.

  Why do you require my email address?
To protect the petition system from abuse and to ensure the validity of the petition and the person signing it. You must enter a valid email address or your name and signature will be removed from the petition.

  Can I hide my email address?
Yes - You can choose to have your email displayed to the Petition Author or not. By default it will be hidden.

  What will you do with my email address?
We take your privacy seriously and will never sell, rent or otherwise make available your email address. You will receive a maximum of two emails in relation to the petition that you have signed. You may also receive an infrequent email regarding the petition service itself and upgrades.

  Can I contact CyprusPetitions?
Yes - Please click Contact Us to send us an email.

  Who operates this service?
This independent service is privately operated and supported by Online Merchants Ltd. Company No: 3768234. Additional funding will be gained through the display of adverts. Petitions and any comments made are those of the author and may not reflect the views of the company or sponsors.

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