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Welcome to Cyprus Petitions - Your Free Online Petition Hosting site! The idea of Cyprus Petitions is to provide a free resource for people to combine the age old system of petitions with modern technology and the global reach of the internet. We accept petitions on virtually every subject for all audiences with the intention of promoting grassroots democracy in the Republic Of Cyprus. Petitions provide an important way for communities to express their views and for the people to see the level of support such petitions attract.

We have designed the system to ensure that it is the easiest, do-it-yourself tool for creating and promoting online petitions on the internet. Create a free petition in minutes and once it is reviewed it will appear online ready for you to promote it to people all over the world to sign. We have included some advice, hints & tips to ensure the petition you create gains the maximum amount of attention and signatures.


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This Is An Example Petition
 Total Signatures: 6
This is just an example petition to show how a petition would look on our free online petition system. You have the option to add up to 1500 character... Posted On: 02nd Dec 08
Posted By: Joe Public
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